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The international Paris-Orly airport, or simply Orly, was opened on the basis of a garage of airships in 1932 as the second airport in Paris after the Le Bourget. In the 1950s, Orly was the main airport in France, but with the opening of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport in 1974 (the French call it simpler – Roissy) again became the second airport of the country and keeps this position to this day, serving in the last few years about 27 million passengers per year.


The airport itself occupies some more than 15 km2 and is located in 7 communes at the junction of two departments, Essonne and Val-de-Marne, 16 km due south of Paris. In order to protect the residents of nearby settlements from the noise, in 1968 the government forbade to Orly airport to transport more than 30 million passengers per year and to carry out night flights from 23:30 to 6:00. So if a plane heading for Orly delays in flight and will fly up to Paris at night, it must land at Charles de Gaulle airport.




• Terminal Sud (South), opened in 1961, is a 6-storey building in the departments of Val-de-Marne and Essonne;

• Terminal Ouest (West), opened in 1971, is a 2-storey building in the department of Essonne.


It is curious, that 27.4% of the area of the airport fall on the commune Paray-Vieille-Poste, 22.5% - on the commune Villeneuve-le-Roi, and only 15.8% - on the commune Orly, whose name was given to the airport. The remaining 34.3% of the airport fall on the communes Athis-Mons, Vissou, Morangis and Chilli-Mazarin (all in the department of Essonne).


How to get to Paris from the airport?


Transfer from / to Paris Orly airport, offered by our company, is a reliable way of delivery to the hotel (or other destination) from Paris Orly airport in the format of "door to door".


Look for a sign with your name. If your plane is overdue, it is not a problem. We monitor the arrival of the aircraft, whenever you landed, the driver will be waiting for you.




In the South Terminal use Exit M, in the West one – Exit I. The cost is from 60 euros, at night (from 19:00 to 07:00) and at the weekends you have to pay 15% extra.


Bus Orlybus


The bus Orlybus will take you to Place Denfert Rochereau.

Direct bus to Disneyland departs from both terminals every hour from 9:00 to 20:15 in the South Terminal, and from 9:10 to 20:25 in the West one. The fare for adults is 28 euros, for children – 16 euros (3-11 years), up to three years – free of charge.


By metro Orlyval.


In the South Terminal use Exit J, in the West one – Exit W.  To the metro station Antony (change to PER B) the ticket price will be 9.30 euros for adults or 4.65 euros for children from 4 to 10 years old. You can reach Paris without changes for 12.05 euros, or 6 euros, respectively.


Airport services


Paris-Orly is pleasant in many respects. For example, the connection between terminals Orly South and Orly West is carried out by the express without a driver (it passes the way for 1 minute).


The Inquiry Office is located in the halls C, H and B (on the second floor) of the South Terminal. The West Terminal provides information desks at the outputs O and W, between the outputs R and S, as well as at the outputs D and J, in the territory of arrival.

There are more than 10 cafes, fast-food places and restaurants in each of the terminals. These establishments are open until 21:00, in rare cases up to 22:00.

There are 14 boutiques of world famous firms (Armani, Rolex, Royal Quartz, etc.), as well as areas duty free on the second floor of the South Terminal.

Besides a large number of food outlets and shops, the airport provides lounges, mini-disneylands, areas for families, games and music areas, ATM, areas for packing luggage, rooms for mothers with babies, for prayer and for smoking, massage parlors and beauty salons.

There are a conference hall and a business center on the 3rd – 5th floors of the South Terminal.


Naturally, the airport has a post office, a lost property office, a pharmacy, a medical center, a currency exchange.

There is Wi-Fi throughout the airport: the first 15 minutes free, then you have to pay from 2 euros for half an hour to 4.5 euros for 1.5 hours. The Internet, unlimited in time, will cost around 10 euros. You can use a computer with Internet access in the cyber cafe Atlanteam, the price is 5 euros per hour. You can also print a ticket, purchased in the Internet.


Tax free can be attributed to the shortcomings of the airport. Even though points Détaxe-Tax Refund are available, the procedure of getting a stamp at customs is too protracted. It is much more pleasant to use the system of VAT refund PABLO (Programme Apurement Bordereaux Lecture Optique), introduced in 2014. All trading enterprises are obliged to give the buyer a document PABLO. The documents are drawn up without the participation of officials: terminals for refund PABLO propose information in English and are at the outputs G (South Terminal) and H (West Terminal).


At the Terminal Orly-West ATMs are located near the exits A and H, and at the Terminal Orly-South – in the area of ​​the outputs A and C and near the baggage room on the ground floor. The procedure for obtaining money does not differ from the conventional one.


Unfortunately, there are no traditional left-luggage offices in Orly airport, probably, due to the fact that the airport is not open all day and night.

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