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Transfers are fulfilled by professional drivers in comfortable cars. Our company is ready to help you in your trips from airports, train stations, amusement parks and attractions of Paris, as well as in your journeys to any other attractions in France. Our drivers have all necessary licenses and certificates which confirm their professional training in the field of passenger transport. We guarantee comfort, punctuality, reliability, safety. For the youngest travelers we provide child seats.


Disneyland Paris


Perhaps, there is no man in the world who has not heard about the park Disneyland Paris. Towers of the pink Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on the background of fireworks, Mickey Mouse, bright colors, fragments of the famous cartoons, flashing in your head, and feeling of magic and a holiday – this is Disneyland.

All this is true, but on finding yourself in the capital of France and not being willing or able to go to the park with the help of a tour agency, you can get into an embarrassing situation, not knowing, how to get there, where to go, what to do and how to avoid crowds and queues. We will try to tell you, how you can wonderfully spend time at Disneyland Paris, how to get there, where to get tickets and how not to miss the fun.

First, it is worth noting that the summer, especially June and August, is not the best time to visit the park due to the large number of visitors and tourists and, in addition, to the hot weather. But if you have no choice, then, it is better to choose a weekday for the trip, by no means a Saturday or Sunday.


In general, the best seasons to visit Disneyland Park in Paris are autumn and spring. Check the forecast, choose a sunny day and – come on! In winter, the park works too, but the weather may cause some inconvenience. Though the winter in France is not very cold, the wind and the rain, most probably, will darken the trip.


Tickets to Disneyland


So, where to start a trip to Disneyland? Of course, you should buy a ticket. In principle, it can be purchased at the ticket office of the park, but most likely, there will be an incredible queue there that will steal at least an hour of your precious time. So it is better not to risk it. There is a rather impressive shop of Disney’s products on the Champs-Elysees – this is the first place where you can buy a ticket.


The second option – all stores «Fnac». These are multi-storey shopping centers with an assortment of books, video, DVD, music, devices, household goods, etc. If you decide to buy a ticket there, you can look in the store itself, which often organizes global sales, and prices are pretty nice, so you will not waste your time. Shops «Fnac» are scattered around all Paris. The main of them are on Champs Elysees, near the Grand Opera House and in Tern street. Without going into the main part of the store (beyond cash-desks), you will see a stand with posters and leaflets of Disneyland Paris and other interesting venues.

Here you can buy tickets not only to the park, in which we are interested at the moment, but also to many other places, specified in the leaflets, such as zoos, water parks, etc.

On purchasing a ticket, you pass to the park and enjoy any of attractions as much as you want. No limits. There are tickets only to Disneyland, and there are tickets with the possibility of visiting the Disney Studio. The latter will be about 10 % more expensive.

We will not pay particular attention to Disney Studio now, will only say that this part of Disneyland Park in Paris is devoted to Hollywood, film and cartoon creation. There are some good truly American eateries here, as well as a show and some attractions in this theme. But honestly, to mix two parks in one day is a bad idea, because you will be very tired and won’t have time to see everything. And if you are for the first time in these place, choose to see only one park – namely Disneyland.


How to get to Disneyland


You can get to Disneyland from the airport or Paris by bus, RER, a shuttle service and taxis. Our company offers a shuttle service at the most reasonable cost. Our services are advantageous for everybody: a single traveler, a couple, a family or a group of tourists.


If for one reason or another a taxi or a car will not fit you, there is another good option – the subway. The metro in Paris does not sound as scary as the subway, for example, in Moscow. You will need a red line, direction – Marne-la-Vallée. Buying a ticket at the booking-office, tell the clerk that you need RER, and you are going to Disneyland, that there was no error.


Just in case, we prompt you the names of the metro stations in Paris, from which it is convenient to get to the necessary branch: Chatelet Les Halles (a huge metro station, which is next to the Pompidou Centre and the vast park Les Halles), Gare de Lyon, as well as the most convenient station Charles de Gaulle Etoile (descent into the subway is located opposite the Arc de Triomphe, where you can get directly from the Champs-Elysées). So, you got into the subway and went.

The required stop will be called "Disneyland Park" (the full name is «Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy – Parcs Disneyland»), it is easy to remember. It is better to start out in the morning in order not to miss anything, and to enjoy a full day in the world of animation.


How is the amusement park?


So you got to the main entrance to the amusement park Disneyland Paris. It looks like a fairy French castle in the valley of the river Loire, only it is pink. You punch your ticket with one of machines at the entrance, which resemble sets from the metro, so it is easy to use them. Now you are in the park, and the ticket is valid up to the moment until you leave its walls. Be sure to take a map of the park at the information desk in the necessary language.

Disneyland Paris is composed of five parts, the so-called “lands”: Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland, Fantasyland and Main Street USA.

This magnificent constellation is opened by Main Street, USA, made in the style of American streets of a small town of the early twentieth century. Here you will see a huge number of shops with souvenirs to all possible designs of Disney, several small fast-food eateries, a couple of restaurants and cafés, you can even visit the hairdressing saloon, performed in the style of America of that time.


On the Main Street of Disneyland Park in Paris every day at noon and every night at ten picturesque parades of Disney’s characters take place. The characters of known cartoons march along the street to the most famous soundtracks, making this spectacle similar to the arrival of Prince Ali to the palace of the Sultan from "Aladdin." The parade is truly impressive! If you could not get to the midday parade, do not worry. The evening show is much more colorful and interesting, largely due to the bright lights, picturesque torches, and the main thing – a huge fireworks display over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.


Transfer Disneyland – Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG)


You can get to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport by several modes of transport. The most convenient way is, without doubt, reservation of a shuttle or a taxi. Also, you can reach the airport in your own car. It is necessary to take into consideration that the parking at the airport requires payment, in some areas you can stay for free only for the first 10 minutes. The most economical ways to get to the airport are bus and train. Both commuter trains and high-speed, long distance ones go to the airport. Also, there are several bus lines from the airport to Paris and in the opposite direction.


Transfer from Disneyland to Beauvais airport (BVA)


Beauvais airport is located at a distance of 110 kilometers from Disneyland, near the town of Beauvais, which is the capital of the department of Oise. The airport building was constructed in 1930, but during the Second World War it was used for military purposes. Later, in 1956, a civil airport was opened on the basis of this building. Now it annually serves about 4 million passengers. Basic services are operated by such companies as: Wizz Air, Ryanair and Blue Air.


Transfer Disneyland – Orly airport (ORY)


If you want to pay a fixed amount during a trip from Disneyland to Orly and not to get into trouble, you can book a transfer at our firm. The driver will meet you with a tablet. When booking a transfer, you will get a discount and the guarantee of good service. We don’t charge extra for luggage or standing idle in a jam.

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