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Transfers airport - hotel DisneylandHow to reach Paris from the airportHow much is a taxi in Paris from the airport BeauvaisParis the capital of France

Beauvais airport is located on the outskirts of the city of the same name. Its distance from Paris is large enough – 85 km. But nevertheless, the information about it will be interesting for those tourists who use the services of low-cost airlines. Very often, the airlines for promotion purposes call this airport Paris-Beauvais.

The first building of the airport was built in 1930s and opened in 1937. During the Second World War, its layout was changed by the German army, and later it was used by the Allies. In 1956, the airport had launched the first commercial flights. In the 1960s and 1970s, some small British airlines operated services between Beauvais and cities in England. The first control tower was launched in 1962 (the second one is expected to be opened in 2016).

During most of its existence Beauvais remained a small regional airport. The first terminal, built in 1979, was designed to provide services mainly to local travelers. In 1996, the airport handled a total of 65 000 passengers. Today the first terminal has an area of ​​4500 m2.

Only from 1997, when the Irish company Ryanair started its activity in Beauvais, the number of passengers began to increase sharply, and within 5 years has increased 10 times, reaching 674 300 people (in 2002). The infrastructure of the airport was completely overloaded with pressure of growing number of travelers.

In 2010 the second terminal was built, its area is ​​6,000 m2, the cost of construction amounted to 12 million euros. It contains shops, restaurants, kiosks and other places of public use.


How to get from Beauvais airport to Paris


The best option in this case is a shuttle bus. In the center of Paris (station Porte Maillot), it arrives in an hour and a half. The cost of a ticket is 16 €. You won’t have to wait for the arrival of the bus more than 20 minutes. You can buy a ticket directly at the driver, or purchase it in advance at points of sale.

The railway station is 4 km from the airport, so to get to the city by train is not the most convenient option. For this, it is necessary first to make use of the shuttle service, taxi or bus to get to the station in the nearest town, and from there take the train TER. The point of arrival in Paris is Gare du Nord. Travel time is an hour and a half.

A taxi ride from Beauvais airport to Paris will come to a tidy sum – 160-180 €, and on holidays, weekends and at night it is even more expensive. A trip by car takes a little more than an hour.

Our transfer service in Paris will always carry you cheaper and at a fixed price, regardless of the final destination. And if you are not alone, it may be cheaper than public transport.

From Beauvais airport shuttles run to Disneyland Park and Roissy airport. The cost of such a trip ranges from 16 to 32 euros, and will depend on the final destination.


The scheme of Beauvais airport


We go to Paris and rest at Disneyland


France is a country of lovers. The most beautiful, romantic and unforgettable sights are here. You can go here with your sweethearts, to feel all the romance of France, but families with children also visit Paris. There is a variety of water parks and attractions here. Even adults perfectly relax here and for some time return to childhood.


Here you can find everything that anyone could wish – shops, restaurants and bars, concerts and performances. Working hours of Disneyland Paris depend on the season – it opens at 9 or 10 a.m. and closes at 10 or 11 p.m.


This park has a very marked resemblance to Disneyland USA. Sometimes the tourists call it "a little piece of America". The idea of ​​opening belongs to Walt Disney, who created all conditions for great recreation for children with their parents. Convenience of Disneyland Paris is that travelers need not cross the ocean in order to have fun in the park.


The Main Street starts from the park entrance and leads to the castle of Sleeping Beauty. There is a train station here and a railway, which stretches around the park. The tourists can ride on a train with a steam locomotive. There are also horse-drawn carriages and retro cars in the Main Street, in which you can go for a ride around the park. In the Main Street the tourists can see the famous parades – a parade of Disney characters and a night light parade, which is accompanied by fireworks.


The name of Fantasyland speaks for itself. A fantastic atmosphere reigns here. Everywhere you can see the heroes of fairy tales such as a fire-breathing dragon in the Castle, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio. Fantasyland offers such activities as:


a promenade on the flying boat with Peter Pan in the night sky;


a ride on elephant Dumbo that can fly;


a walk through the maze as in "Alice in Wonderland";


you can ride on the wings of the mill;


a short journey in a small train from the circus;


a journey on a very small boat.


The tourists can also see the amazing musical comedy in the theater, which involves characters from the cartoon "Chip and Dale". There is also an attraction, called “Little World”, in which a variety of dolls dance and sing. And finally, in Fantasyland you can have dinner in a fine restaurant, which is a pumpkin coach (fairy-tale “Cinderella”).


You can also go to an underwater journey where at every step you will meet the pirates of the Caribbean. In Adventureland you will find a variety of decorated cafes and restaurants.


Frontierland is famous for the Haunted Castle, the Fort with the heroes of the Wild West and a small farm with domestic animals. Here the tourists can have a trip in a tiny train or go boating around the lake (there are also canoes). For dinner, the most common meal in Frontierland is barbecue.


The Time Machine will provide you its services in Discoveryland. Go in it to the beginning of the century, fly to the stars or watch the underwater world from the "Nautilus". There are roller coasters here, which were created in the style of the future. You should not miss the small musical called "The Legend of the King-lion."

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