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Excursion to Bruges from Paris


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Excursion to Bruges

If you want to see the Europe’s most beautiful place, then you should definitely have a tour to West Flanders. There, the wonderful city of Bruges is situated, only in 16 km from the sea, which is known all around the world under the titles “Venice of the North”, “City of Bridges” and “City of the three channels”. Intensive and lively excursion to Bruges will immerse you into the wonderful atmosphere of this city, full of historical and cultural attractions.

Duration: 12 hours. 
Excursion type: personal
Excursion time: every day

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A short history of the city

Bruges is not just a town, it is virtually the central part of Belgian province, located in West Flanders, the population of which is about 100 000 people. At the peak of its prosperity, which fell to the Middle Ages, more than 200,000 settlers lived there.

Bruges is situated on a fertile plain. At this point, three channels are merged together, they are Ostend, Sluys and Ghent channels. Their depth is so great that even bulky sea vessels can safely surf on them.

In the city itself, 54 bridges are built, 12 of which are made of wood, and all the others are draw-bridges for the passage of ships. The Bruges’s place that deserves the particular delight is its rectangular market square, built in the XIV century, on which the majestic, 107 meters high tower is located.

Of no less touristic interest is the Gothic town hall, which was built in the XIV century. At the moment, it is restored already, and inside of it there are 33 Flemish countesses and counts statues.

And this is just a small list of amazing Bruges attractions. An experienced guide will tell you the most interesting historical facts about the city and show you the most unusual places. All the excursions are conducted in English, which helps our tourists to feel the atmosphere of this wonderful city to the full extent.

What tourist attractions are included in the excursion?

We conduct excursions to the picturesque city of Bruges from Paris that will let you experience a completely different atmosphere, full of peace and inspiration. With the help of our excursion programs, you will be able not only to see all the beauty of Venice of the North, but also to look into its most secret corners. Our guide will show you the most remarkable and memorable places that will touch the feelings of any tourist:

·       You will hear and see the tragic story of 33 independent and very stubborn Flemish countesses and counts, which, in 1792, were burned by the French. Now the memory of them is embodied in the most beautiful statues.

·       The majestic Church of Our Lady, which height is 123 meters, is also an integral part of the excursion program. In this amazing building, the one of a kind marble statue of Madonna and the Child is located. It was created by ingenious Michelangelo, and exported outside of Italy during his lifetime.

·       Bruges is very rich in beautiful ancient monuments, which are closely linked with Christianity. However, the visit to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is of particular interest. It was built of brick in XIV century. No less interesting is a tour to the Saint Basil's Church. Its lower floors were built as far back in 1150 year.

·       Admirers of scenic attractions will like a tour to the Minnuoter Park. Visiting this unique place, you can immerse yourself into a truly magical world. In addition to a variety of lush plants, this park will surprise you with a variety of fauna. The scenic surroundings, complemented by the beautiful channels and tiny houses, will really fascinate the tourists.

·       In Bruges there is a huge number of museums that are amazing in their diversity and uniqueness of their exhibits. So, we will have an exciting excursion to the museum, dedicated to the delicious Belgian chocolate. No less interesting will be the journey to the museum of folk art, which really reveals the temperament and all the features of this town. Another unusual place in the excursion program is the Diamond Museum, the precious exhibits of which are fascinating for their beauty and splendor.

This is far not all the attractions that we will show to the tourists during the excursion to Bruges. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will tell everything about the secrets and memorable places of the city in a very fascinating way, allowing you to feel the amazing fairy-tale atmosphere. After such a trip, the Bruges visitors will have only the most positive and unique experience that will remain in their memory for years.

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