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Day Trip to Mont Saint Michel et Saint-Malo from Paris


Day Trip to Mont Saint Michel et Saint-Malo from Paris zoom
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Tour Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo

You can safely call Mont Saint-Michel "the eighth wonder of the world". This world-known abbey is located on an island-rock. This place is one of the most important religious shrines and the most popular place of pilgrimage in Europe, situated on the border between Brittany and Normandy.

Duration: 14 hours.

Tour type: individual

The tour is held every day


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 Mont Saint-Michel

The abbey of Mont Saint-Michel was founded in the year 708 by Abbot St. Aubert who saw St. Michael in his visions, giving the order to build a chapel on the cliff. In 1979 this abbey received the rank of World Heritage monument.

After climbing to the top of the cliff along small streets, you will see a fascinating view of the coast and the bay and enjoy all the grandeur of this architectural masterpiece and nature.


Saint-Malo is the ancient capital of corsairs. This place is famous worldwide for its tides, the highest in the world, which can come up to 12 meters.

Anne of Brittany Castle and the old quarters of Saint-Malo are surrounded by a long fortified wall, on which you can go round the whole city and enjoy the lovely views of the ocean, the town itself and the remains of the forts.

Mont Saint-Michel – some details

Almost every tourist who visits France certainly wants to get to Mont Saint-Michel. This abbey is very popular with tourists, and this is quite understandable. Mont Saint-Michel is a real miracle of human genius.

By visiting this wonderful country, you must be sure to buy an excursion to the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel. This castle is one of the most popular and grand sights of France. In addition, this abbey is one of the most valuable jewels of the world architecture, which can truly impress every visitor with its grandeur and perfection! Indeed, the monastery, built on the rock that rises from the depths of the ocean, is a grand and stunning spectacle!

The castle dates back to the walls of the ancient heavenly abbey, located on top of 80-meter cliff. The golden figure of the Archangel who holds in his hand a sharpened sword has gracefully settled on the mark of 155.5 meters above sea level, on the highest part of the castle (the end of the spire). On all sides Mont Saint-Michel is surrounded by the sea. A dam, 2 kilometers long, is the only way to the mainland. Victor Hugo called this castle "pyramids in the ocean" and compared its importance with the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops. The popularity of the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel is only slightly inferior to the Eiffel Tower.

Since this unique castle, situated on a cliff, stretched between two regions, they still carry on territorial disputes. However, Mont Saint-Michel is officially the property of the Normandy region. The area of ​​the castle begins from the Royal Gate, for this reason the island has only one street called Rue Grande. The small houses of 15-16 centuries, which are located on both sides of the street, nowadays contain restaurants, stalls with souvenirs, hotels and various cafes.

After visiting the excursion to Mont Saint-Michel and Saint-Malo from Paris, you will be satisfied and impressed by what you saw. We guarantee you that this day will be one of the best in your life!

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