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Excursion to Brussels from Paris


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Excursion to Brussels

Our company specializes in organizing and conducting the most exciting excursions that will give you lots of positive and unforgettable emotions. If you are currently in a mysterious and romantic Paris, we will give you a wonderful opportunity to visit another beautiful European city – Brussels

Duration : 12 hours. 
Excursion type : personal
Excursion time : every day

Our advantages

 Departure and return to your accommodation in Paris

 We provide individual minivan with air conditioning and a professional driver-guide

 Free time for a walk along Brussels


The advantages of our company

We offer the most interesting and attractive excursions to Brussels, taking into account all the personal wishes of each customer. Therefore, our tours can differ in various respects – in particular, in duration, in thematic focus and in the route.

We are used to giving the tourists only the most pleasant and joyful experience. Therefore, each of the excursions, carried out by our professional guides, is completely devoid of any stereotypeness. We will not only tell you everything that is interesting to you about the past and the present of the main city of a United Europe, but also make every effort to ensure that you travel in absolutely comfortable.

All the excursions offered by our company will become a wonderful leisure time for you. Our guide is a very pleasant and intelligent conversationalist, who will reveal all the secrets and mysteries of Brussels to you, and will tell you everything you previously did not know about this great city. We guarantee that you will not feel bored for any moment during your journey, because our guides will help you to spend time in the Belgian capital with the maximum benefit. All the tours are offered to you in English.

A few words about Brussels

Brussels, in spite of its small area, is on the right the main city of Europe – because this is where the headquarters of the European Union, as well as many important international organizations are situated. In addition, the historical part of the city is the Europe’s oldest medieval center.

One of the main attractions of Brussels is, without a doubt, a luxurious Grand Place that is located in the heart of the city. In former times, the trade flourished there. Merchants from all over the world brought there a variety of goods and products, including a superb Venetian glass, English wool, French wines and German beer.

The majestic medieval architecture there fascinates at first sight. None of the tourists will be left indifferent to the Royal Palace, City Hall, as well as amazing houses, each of which has its own unique name. In the historical part of Brussels, there are perfectly preserved ancient buildings in such styles as the Brabant Gothic, Flemish Baroque and other. In addition, there are many interesting buildings in the elegant Art Nouveau style.

Every two years in mid-August at the Grand Place square the grand celebration with a spectacular historical procession and beautiful flowering begonias is held. Through our excursions to Brussels from Paris, you will get a great opportunity to witness this exciting celebration.

We will show you all the most famous museums and attractions of the Belgian capital, which will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with its amazing history and traditions.

The true gourmets will for sure receive a maximum of pleasure during their stay in Brussels. There are many cozy fish restaurants and pubs, where anyone willing will be offered to taste any of the excellent varieties of the legendary Belgian beer.

The great Belgian chocolate certainly deserves a special attention. Its production in Brussels is a real art. On the territory of this city there is a huge plenty of cozy chocolate shops, or “chocolate ateliers”, as they are often called by the locals. Having an excursion to Brussels, you get an excellent opportunity to visit these magic shops. There you can always find the most amazing varieties of delicious chocolates made from the finest cocoa.

Why you should book our excursions

To make time, spent in Brussels, a pleasant and memorable experience, you should book an excursion from Paris by contacting our company. We offer you many advantages. The interesting and fascinating personal and group excursions are waiting for you for the acceptable and affordable prices.

You may contact us to ask all the things you are interested in, at any convenient time. We will show you the wonderful Brussels in all its glory – and you will for sure love this city!

From an application till the trip

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