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Champagne tour from Paris


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Champagne Tours

Champagne is an excellent place with picturesque villages and small ancient towns. Vineyards are the main value of this area, they occupy about 30 thousand hectares of land. Sometimes it seems that in this place the time stops, so reverently the locals keep and respect all their traditions. 262 million bottles of champagne are made in this province every year. Not only the world-famous manufacturers, such as "Veuve Clicquot", "Moët et Chandon" and "Ruinart", but also some small manufactories produce champagne. During the tour we will carry out a little tasting of these divine drinks.

Duration: 11 hours.

Tour type: individual

The tour is held every day

Our advantages

Departure and return to your accommodation in Paris

Provision of an individual minivan with air conditioning and a professional driver-guide

Free time for walks

We offer you an amazing opportunity to make an excursion to Champagne straight from Paris having an experienced guide, who will hold the entire tour in English. Don’t miss your chance to get to know France properly!

A great place that will not leave you indifferent

France is a country that will make anybody love it forever – love passionately, beautifully, romantically and up to the depths of the heart. It is tasty and varied, soft and beautiful... Charm of the melodic language and chansonniers... The bright present and the glorious past... Its charms have an impact on all the sensory organs: on the brain - by its rich historical past; on the organs of vision - by its fascinating architecture and unimaginable landscapes; on the organs of smell - by the aroma of fresh coffee, fresh croissants and, of course, French perfumes; on the taste buds – by means of a large selection of national dishes, as well as cheeses and wines.

In order to plunge into this country and get to know it completely, you should touch it inside, visit those places, which up to now have their own undiscovered mysteries and secrets. But not everyone can grasp them! Our professional guides know what to show you in this enchanted world, and we will help you to get to know this wonderful country from the inside.

Without doubt, the main attraction, but not the only one, is Paris. To get acquainted with this romantic country, you should visit its regions, among which, the most popular and world-known is Champagne!

The city of Reims will be the first stop in this tour of the world famous province. The main attraction of this small town is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame of Reims. This cathedral witnessed the coronation of 26 French kings, it is also a great memorial of French Gothic. Over time the stones of the cathedral turned into a magnificent lace... Have you ever seen a smiling angel with your own eyes? If not, you certainly must visit Reims! And we will help you to do it without fail!

After a visit to the city of Reims, we will go along the "Road of champagne" to Epernay and completely plunge into the warm and friendly atmosphere of small villages, each of which is engaged in the production of their own world-famous drink. We can have dinner in a cozy restaurant or, if the weather is good, have a picnic right in the middle of vineyards.

This tour will allow you to get to know personally not only the rich and eventful history of Champagne, which has a close correlation with the history of France, but also the world-famous drink that has glorified this small province. Without doubt, our excursion program will include a tasting of various sorts of champagne.

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