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Excursion to Giverny, Claude Monet’s house and garden


Excursion to Giverny, Claude Monet’s house and garden zoom
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Excursion to Giverny

Beautiful countryside and interesting sights make it popular in the eyes of tourists. People from around the world come to the village to see the things which so much are spoken and written about.

Duration: 4.5 hours
Tour type: individual
The price does not include: entrance fees
The tour is held every day from 25.03 to 1.11

Our advantages

  Departure and return to your accommodation in Paris

  Provision of an individual minivan with air conditioning and a professional driver-guide

  Free time to stroll through the gardens


Giverny – touch the past!

Among numerous outstanding places of France, a little village called Giverny is distinguished by singular beauty. An excursion to Giverny is a great opportunity to discover something new, expand the horizon and escape from the usual fussy environment. The breath of nature and the quiet comfort of the village will help you to calm down, fix your ideas and receive enormous aesthetic pleasure.

The village is closely linked with the name of the great impressionist painter Claude Monet. The beaches of Normandy still keep an invisible spirit of the famous painter. The locals can tell a lot about his life, they deeply respect and appreciate his artistic legacy. The guide will tell you everything about the locality, traditions and customs. Tourists will also learn some interesting facts from the biography of Claude Monet. The narrative is in many European languages, as well as in English. This is due to the fact that this corner of France is visited by tourists from around the world. The coast of Normandy has gained eternal fame thanks to the work and talent of Monet.

Excursions to Giverny give opportunity for everyone to enjoy the beautiful gardens, which the painter himself has grown in the estate. All his friends and relatives knew that he had passion for cultivating flowers and ennobling his own garden. Many of those with whom he associated, brought exotic plant varieties that Monet harmoniously included them into his creation. His talent manifested itself not only in his paintings, but also in the real life. The combination of colors, shapes, shades evokes your constant admiration. Year after year the artist collected flowers and increased the beauty of his garden. He managed to create a real fairy-tale atmosphere. It was in his garden that he was inspired to write his paintings, but even the pastels are not able to convey all the charm and beauty of reigning atmosphere. The guide will also tell you how Monet gathered this collection of marvelous flowers and plants.

The gardens, located in the estate, are worthy of the same attention.  In their waters you can still see the famous water lilies, pictured by Claude Monet. Nothing has changed since the days of the great painter’s life. The nature preserves the memory about him. Tourists arriving for excursions to Giverny can see with their own eyes what is embodied in the immortal canvases of the artist. There is a special walking area around the lake where you can rest, have a snack or just to relax and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy and beauty, to experience elevated feelings. Who knows, perhaps, it is thanks to somebody’s visit to this fantastic place and his inspiration by its atmosphere that the world will get a new talented painter.

In the garden and the house, which Claude Monet’s son bequeathed to the state, everything has remained untouched, as in the artist's life. Furniture, books, art accessories keep the memory of Monet. The aura of the house and the area mysteriously affect the visitors. There is a feeling of lightness and light, your thoughts are filled with good and belief in better.

You can get here from Paris rather fast. Tourists need only one hour to find themselves in Giverny. The duration of stay in the estate and the cost of the trip vary depending on the route and type of tour. Excursions are available in many languages, including English. The route to the village will also show you picturesque views of France and local color. Giverny is not just a charming locality in the interior of the country. Visiting this place inspires, lends wings to you and gives a feeling of warmth and harmony. 


Important information for tourists

Working hours

The Claude Monet Museum in Giverny is open to visitors from March 25 to November 1. Working hours: 9:30 – 18:00


Entrance fees

Adults: €9.50, children under 7: free, aged from 7 to 18: €5.50 



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