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Excursion to the castle of Chantilly


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Excursion to Chantilly

Our advantages lie in the fact that we have been carrying tourists on this route for years, and we perfectly know how to organize an unforgettable excursion to Chantilly.


Duration: 4.5 hours
Tour type: individual
The price does not include: tickets
The tour is held every day except Tuesday

Our advantages

  Departure and return to your accommodation in Paris

  Provision of an individual minivan with air conditioning and a professional driver-guide

  Free time to stroll through the gardens

You have already visited many famous places in Paris, and you want to go on guided tours of the surrounding area, don’t you? We are pleased to offer you excursions to Chantilly (the world-famous residence of the family of Montmorency). Our professional guide will accompany you that you could comfortably get from Paris to Chantilly and spend unforgettable time there. Thus you won’t feel discomfort and will be able to plunge completely in that historical epoch.

Something about the castle of Chantilly

The world-famous castle of Chantilly was built on a rocky island, it is harmoniously combined ensemble of various architectural monuments that were erected by the families of Orleans, d'Orgemont, Bourbon-Condé and Montmorency, from 16 to 19 century. In 1522 the castle of Chantilly was inherited by the constable Anne de Montmorency, who was one of the prominent figures of the Renaissance, in addition, he was a close comrade-in-arms of Francis the first. During the reign of Charles IX and Henry II, Montmorency ruthlessly fights against the Protestants and the House of Guise. After the constable’s death the castle passes to his grandson, who at that time was a great warrior, famous under the name "Grand Condé". Formerly he took part in the uprising against Louis XIV during the "Fronde of princes". Condé was famous for the fact that he liked to arrange magnificent balls with fireworks in the castle of Chantilly.

It was in those merry times of luxurious balls that the famous manager and unrivaled great cook Vatel, on visiting Friday morning the kitchen premises of the castle (currently the restaurant "Capitainerie" is located there) in a fast day and finding a small stock of fish, which would not be enough to feed the court, cut open his stomach.

The manor of Chantilly was badly damaged during the Revolution, when it was owned by the Bourbon-Condés, who were cousins of the royal family. All art collections were confiscated, afterwards they were transferred to the Central Museum of Fine Arts (now it is called the Louvre Museum and is the largest in France), and the estate itself was turned into a jail.

In 1815, the estate of Chantilly was again returned to the royal family’s ownership, and 15 years later, in 1830, the duke d’Aumale, the son of the future king of France Louis-Philippe, becomes the owner of the castle by inheritance.

In 1886 the duke d’Aumale passed his own collection to the Institute of France, but with a condition, that the latter should make it a museum which would be accessible to the public. Currently the castle of Chantilly contains the largest collection of old paintings (until the middle of the 19th century), of course, less than the Louvre. The Live Horse Museum is located in the stables of the famous castle; they are the most famous stables in all France.

The best time for excursions to Chantilly

The best time of departure for a trip to Chantilly from Paris will be 9 a.m. local time. The way to the estate is not short, for this reason it will be the best option for departure. It is undesirable both leaving earlier and being late. We have been carrying tourists on their excursions to Chantilly on this route for years, so it will be correct to rely on our experience.

The attitude of children to excursions to Chantilly

An excursion to this wonderful castle, as a rule, is characterized by acquaintance with its art galleries. Such a walk can be exhausting and boring for children, because not every person in childhood admired the great creations or in general understood anything in art. For this reason, the excursions to Chantilly are preferred by adults.

What to put on for a trip to Chantilly?

First of all, you must dress comfortably and elegantly. Often in this castle you can find a variety of tourists with sneakers on and with several backpacks on their backs. This question should not worry you, merely dress for the weather so that you could undress a little in the castle and, going out to the park, throw something on your shoulders, if the bad weather is expected.

What to bring for a trip to Chantilly?

In principle, you should only have a good mood, and we will take care of the rest. Traditionally, tourists take a bottle of wine for the trip, a camera (you understand, what for), as well as some cash to purchase various souvenirs.

Important information for tourists

Chantilly, France (see Google Maps)

Working hours:

Every day except Tuesday: from 10:00 to 18:00 in summer, from 10:30 to 17:00 in winter.


Entrance into the castle and park

€17 for adults (including audio guide)



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